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IronSync is a file synchronization server providing multiple types of periodic and real-time file synchronization
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25 June 2013

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File synchronization is a popular way to backup files in external hardware. As number of files are immense in Servers it is essential that the complete process is carried out properly and in due manner. Here is IronSync Server 1.8.32 that can help you accomplish the process of file synchronization in easy and effective way. By means of this dominant file synchronization server you will be equipped to execute all kinds of periodic as well as real-time file synchronization functions. IronSync Server 1.8.32 is designed with a simple and well elaborated UI that can help the users to use the tool in synchronization very effectively. This solution comes with varied kinds of other features that make the complete synchronization really effective.

With IronSync Server 1.8.32 you get the opportunity to sync files in multiple 1-way and 2-way modes, real-time and periodic file synchronization capabilities, error logs, E-mail notification and statistics reports on synchronization. Thanks to its scalable feature you get to use this utility to synchronization of very large system that comprises of huge amount of data. IronSync Server 1.8.32 delivers a staggering performance and works at brilliant speed courtesy its easy compatibility with multi-core CPU. In order to keep the working speed of the server to optimum level, this application eats very less system memory and requires minimal computer resources. Even you can run this software in the background and simultaneously carry out all the tasks on your computer. Interestingly the app is capable of working via web browsers allows users to control the synchronization remotely. Furthermore users can get every detail of synchronization and other information through emails.

Owing to the massive number of features IronSync Server 1.8.32 caters, plus the high output it delivers makes us rate the application with rating of four on a full scale of five.

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IronSync Server is a powerful file synchronization server providing multiple types of periodic and real-time file synchronization operations. IronSync is a highly scalable file synchronization solution especially designed to effectively synchronize huge file systems containing millions of files. Users are provided with multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes, periodic and real-time file synchronization capabilities, E-Mail notifications, error logs, file synchronization statistics reports, etc.
IronSync Server
IronSync Server
Version 1.8.32
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